Is Wi-Fi good enough for room control?


Have you ever gotten a call when your phone was plugged in and charging? Then you quickly realize what makes mobile devices mobile – wireless. The convenience of wireless is also the biggest argument against using mobile to control a room. Nothing beats a hard wired interface for reliability, right? There are generally three reasons to choose a wired network over wireless. Speed, latency and interference. For device control on a local network, the speed and latency of modern wireless systems are not a concern. 

Interference can be problem. What happens if the office next door gets a new wireless phone system? What if the neighbors have a baby phone that they use once in a while? Interference happens and can be unpredictable. The only thing you can do is be prepared to troubleshoot issues when they happen. 

Here is an excellent article on Wi-Fi interference from Cisco. In the end you will need to weigh the convenience and cost savings of wireless against the reliabilty of a wired network. Or you can install a mobile device with a wired connection like this wired iPad solution or use a docking station such as those from iRoom.

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September 21, 2016

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